New cafe in 5 Points dishes up vegan pastries and latte art

5 Dec

There's a monkey in my cup!

The gorgeous weather yesterday provided the perfect excuse to try out the newest spot in 5 Points, New Broadway Square. Open just a month, the comfortable cafe at 1049 Park Street is modern and chic, with “tapestried” walls and a huge and envy-inducing pendant light. Joyce Zhang and Jing Yan, the two young women who’ve opened up the neighborhood coffee spot, are aspiring latte foam artists who etch the crema and microfoam into really amazing images, then catalogue their creations on Facebook. They also serve boba teas, frozen yogurt and smoothies, and a serious dose of neighborliness.

The pastry case is filled with a remarkable assortment of organic, vegan treats and savories prepared by Christine Kinne-Bott, a local caterer carving out a niche for gluten free, sustainable vegetarian fare. Think French madeleines, peanut butter cocoa oatmeal raw cookies, sweet potato cheesecake, cinnamon raisin maple croissants, cappuccino cupcakes served in miniature paper cups . . .   all beautifully presented and mouthwatering. We sampled something sweet and awesome up on the counter, then ate a pair of goat cheese squares topped with pomegranate seeds. Don’t miss the the crab turnover–flaky crust is folded over a nicely balanced blend of minced crab, asparagus, peas and spices, then topped with a delicate white sauce. Delish!

The cafe also sells a small collection of Asian kawaii accessories. In Japan there is an absolute adoration of anything cute (kawaii), and any hip, self-respecting Shibuya girl will be sporting a multitude of the items on display at New Broadway Square: cell phone charms, Hello Kitty earrings and necklaces, little shaped memo pads, adorable little erasers–sugary stuff bound to make even the most hardened cynic crack a smile. We’re pretty sure you won’t find this stuff at Starbuck’s . . .


Vegan Blueberry Lavender Cheesecake


One Response to “New cafe in 5 Points dishes up vegan pastries and latte art”

  1. D. Ashley December 8, 2010 at 2:31 am #

    Their boba teas are delicious! Even a tea snob will find them impressively tasty & elegantly presented in a sleek french press. The cute smiles you get at the counter are a nice surprise, too.

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