Why I Go Lo

9 Dec

Jacksonville is a massive city.  Finding your “place” can be overwhelming.  I have been lucky enough to find several locally owned businesses that I can call home.

Bistro Aix feels like home the moment I walk in and feel the heat from the pizza oven.  I can enjoy comfort food or try new, sophisticated dishes.    The menu reflects Chef Tom Gray’s local roots and big city sophistication.  Bistro Aix sources much of their produce from local farms and even owns their own egg-producing chickens.  It feels like they are connected deeply to the community from the moment you arrive until you leave with recyclable to-go containers.  Get to know the Bistro Aix story and you will understand the importance of Going Local.

From Mike Sagmeister via FlickrEvery great city needs an eclectic used book store.  Chambin’s Uptown and Chamblin Bookmine fit the bill for Jacksonville.  Uptown is the smaller of the two locations but consistently fulfills my needs for out-of-print, quirky and local titles.  This place is dangerous though.  You cannot just kill 15 minutes there.  Once inside you will feel sucked into the never-ending stacks.  Chamblin is not an antiseptic experience like the big national bookselling chains.  It is an authentic, Jacksonville experience.

Three Layers Cafe in Springfield feels exactly like a neighborhood coffee house should.  The owners have created three distinct areas for working, relaxing or socializing.  The aromas draw you into and the ambiance keeps you there.  Live, local musicians; local artists and local gossip create memorable experiences.
I support these and other local business not only to keep my dollars circulating in the Jacksonville economy, but because the represent the best our corner of the world has to offer.

The Zen Garden at Three Layers Cafe.

Kirk Olson

San Marco Resident


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