Murray Hill

In 1850, the Jaudon Plantation was established, encompassing much of what would become Murray Hill, Riverside and Avondale. In 1906, what was then known as the Edgewood Subdivision was re-platted to create Murray Hill Heights in 1906. It was one of the first neighborhoods in Jacksonville to be planned to accommodate automobiles, incorporating “experimental oil and sand” paved roads, wood curbs and detached garages.

Today, Murray Hill is a classic comfortable neighborhood where everyday needs can be easily met.  Edgewood Avenue South forms the area’s main commercial corridor, and stand-out establishments like Moon River Pizza, Edgewood Bakery and the famous Dreamette draw in-the-know visitors from across the city.

  • Flowers By Pat (Interesting factoid: Small’s Pharmacy, which operated where Flowers by Pat is today, is reported to have been the model for a shop on Main Street at Walt Disney World. The pharmacy’s original soda fountain and apothecary drawers are still there today.

Household Gifts and Accessories:
Sweets and Treats:


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